Name: A Rescue Ladder for Danish Harbours

Date: 2012 -

Type: Open Design Competition, TrygFonden


The quay ladder is the result of an open design competition launched by the Danish foundation TrygFonden in the autumn of 2012.

96 projects were submitted and our design concept was selected as winning project.

In the subsequent development process we've collaborated with Attention Group, responsible for engineering and production.


The ladder is made of durable, resilient materials: Black extruded rubber stringers, white glass filled nylon rungs, a mounting bracket in fluorescent orange painted aluminum and a light unit in transparent polycarbonate with built in solar panels, batteries and power LEDs.

Each element is developed with the same goal: The functionality and choice of materials must express themselves in a simple and honest way in the design.


Our Rescue Ladder design has won The Morpholio Project's "Pinup 2014" competition for emerging talents!

Follow this link to see more details.



We have also developed a commercial quay ladder, LifeLadder, which can be seen and purchased here: Port-Safety.com


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